Victor Vu’s long running plagiarism scandal results in Vietnam’s first film plagiarism case

Reported by Thanh Nien newspaper

Inferno by Vietnamese-American director Victor Vu has become the first Vietnamese film to be officially checked for plagiarism.

The film has been embroiled in a plagiarism scandal since its release last fall. Moviegoers and critics alike said the film is too similar to Shattered, a Hollywood flick released in 1991. They both tell the story of a man who loses his memory in a traffic accident and later discovers a shocking truth about his past.

The scandal reignited over the past few weeks as the film was submitted to compete in the Golden Kite Awards, the Vietnamese equivalent of the Oscars.

Amid the controversies, Vietnamese cimena regulators have decided to look into both films. A conclusion is expected to be announced this week.

Nguyen Van Tan, an official of the Vietnam Film Association, told news website VnExpress that as a Vietnamese film, Inferno is eligible to be considered for the best film award. Moreover, no official accusation has been made by Hollywood filmakers so far.

Victor Vu claims he never saw Shattered but a video clip shows shot for shot similarities

Director Victor Vu told Thanh Nien in October last year that he had not seen Shattered and rejected all plagiarism allegations. “Inferno is a story I wrote when I was a student, around 1996,” he said. “There are many similar films around the world, and I think this is only a coincidence.”

Vietnam Television News. Victor Vu’s “Inferno” had a good start until news of the plagiarism became public

After local media and the public exposed his method of plagiarism, Victor Vu and producer Irene Trinh held press conference to explain to the Vietnamese public that “the Hollywood Creative Process means films must be identical from A to Z by coincidence”

Vietnam television news program “Radar on Vietnamese Culture” scrutinizes Victor Vu’s plagiarism problems and copyright violation issues in Vietnamese movies

 Golden Kite award (Canh Dieu Vang) is Vietnam’s most prestigious movie festival, equivalent to a local Oscar event.

Source: Thanh Nien newspaper

Film suspected of plagiarism dropped from national award – Saigon Daily

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